Dr. Florita Bell Griffin

Dr. Florita Bell Griffin, Little Flower® Creative Director

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I am Florita Bell Griffin, Ph.D., Designer of the Little Flower Dolls® brand and Executive Producer of the Little Flower® brand., both of which are Registered Trademarks of ARC Communications, LLC. of Texas.

My name Florita in Spanish means Little Flower. This brand was inspired by my desire to address my own literacy struggles during the formative years of my life, as well as my desire for more creative expression in my professional life.  

Prior to launching the Little Flower® Edutainment Brand for children, I shared glimpses into the early years of my life, growing up during the early days of desegregation, in my book, "The Little Flower Vignettes: Story Behind The Story (2014)."  The audio of the book's Foreword is playing now, and the synopsis is displayed below.

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The Little Flower Vignettes - Story Behind the Story is the non-fictional back-story, which inspired the Little Flower® brand and The Little Flower Literacy Project. This volume is not a children's book, but is offered as an introduction to the real life Little Flower for parents, teachers, clergy and general adult audiences. 

For the first twenty five years of my life, I felt that I was both functionally illiterate and psychologically scared by childhood bullying initiated by adults.  I say "I felt" because some with whom I grew up do not agree with my personal assessment, however my perceptions were and are my reality. This is why functional illiteracy in youth and bullying and negativity towards others in any form, as well as their links to the economic stability of communities deeply concern me.  

Art and creativity expanded my mind, sharpened my literacy skills, and helped me to overcome many issues. Little Flower® was created in an effort to help others and to expand upon my own literacy capabilities in muti-media productions,            

Little Flower®,  a brand filled with freedom, laughter, creativity, and literacy,  exist in order to bring awareness to both of the areas that tormented me for so long. 

For over two decades, I have been an Urban and Regional Scientist, focused on analytical approaches to problems that are specifically urban, rural, and regional in nature. Current investments in literacy modalities are necessary for building a solid and secure future. Twenty-first century technological advances in digital communications present a way forward for individuals, organizations, and communities that want to address literacy issues.

We began developing The Little Flower Literacy Project in 2013 as a prototype of a literacy rich venture to address the need for improved literacy options for youth audiences.  Little Flower®, which derives its name from the Spanish word – Florita (my name), incorporates six of the top ten literacies in current education.

The Little Flower Vignettes: Story Behind The Story by Florita Bell Griffin, Ph.D. (2014)

The Little Flower Vignettes FOREWORD

Foreword by: Major General (Retired) Barrye L. Price, Ph.D. 

Narrated by: Ebony Griffin


In 2016 we received the 2016  Zora Neale Hurston Award for promoting literacy and African American literature through the creation of the Little Flower® literacy project. 

The Little Flower® project works to improve youth literacy, self-esteem and imagination through the use of art, artistic media and African American literature (storytelling). 

The Award was sponsored by HarperCollins Publishers and administered by the Reference and User Services Association(RUSA), a division of the American Library Association. 

The American Library Association is the oldest library association in the world, with over 57,000 members.


Florita Lenise Bell (Age 9)

Little Flower is modeled after a nine year old girl named Florita, or Little Flower in Spanish.