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Book Series

Children of The World Storybook and Educational Book Series on Amazon

A literacy based series, the Little Flower® theme has a Civil Rights and Anti-Bullying storyline, which focuses on cultural inclusion and character development.

The story of Little Flower is found in 3 Little Flower Novelettes, titled:

  • "Where Little Flower Got Her Power" Book One, with eBooks for Book One available in dual translation Spanish, French, Portuguese and Mandarin Chinese;
  • "How Little Flower Got Her Power And Almost Lost It" Book Two 
  • "Little Flower Conquers The World...Almost)" Book Three 
The Children of The World Storybook and Educational Series is part of "The Little Flower Literacy Project."

Little Flower Song

Little Flower Artist Movie Premiere

@ Green Bay Film Festival

January 16 - March 4, 2018 


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