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The $79.99 price is for one Little Flower Doll.   Little Flower Novelettes (books)  are sold separately on Amazon. Links to books are shared under The Story Menu Option at the top of the page.

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Little Flower Dolls® Description

Overview (Front View)


The Little Flower Doll® is a product of the Little Flower® brand and part of the Little Flower Literacy Project.  Little Flower's Designer and the brand's Creative Director, Dr. Florita Bell Griffin, received the 2016 Zora Neale Hurston Award from the American Library Association, for creating the literacy project. 

"The Little Flower Doll: A Multicultural Ambassador for Civil Rights and Anti-Bullying," is not only a cute doll, but also one who educates. Her soft body is red in color in honor of those who shed blood during the Civil Rights Movement.

The Little Flower® brand is a multimedia art inspired edutainment storytelling brand, with an anti-bullying storyline, that shares universal themes of literacy and goodwill with youth audiences around the globe. 

The story of Little Flower is told through three Little Flower Novelettes for readers ages 8 and above,  an illustrated storybook for ages 1-7, and animated movies. (Books are  sold separately on Amazon.)

The brand is comprised of a diverse product line emphasizing many attributes including literacy, historical awareness, character development, and personal identity. 

The product series provides a myriad of benefits and its content is applicable in multiple areas, thus offering the flexibility for use in any number of contexts including diversity and equity.

Collectable Quality (Rear View)


The 18–inch Little Flower Doll® has a huggable red cloth body, brown eyes that open and close with lighter colored eyelids, semi curled black hair that can be styled, movable head and limbs. Her limbs are made of 2/3 phthalate-free smooth vinyl, and graced with a beautiful brown skin tone. The unique “Little Flower" signature is imprinted on the back of her neck just under the hairline.In the body class (height and dimensions) of the American Girl Doll, Little Flower can wear the same size and styles of clothes. 


The Little Flower Doll arrives wearing a red dress trimmed in white ric rac with a detached red cloth belt tie, white ribbons and yellow flower, pink cotton underwear with a red bow, white socks and black patent leather shoes. 


  • While her hair is washable, washing it often is not recommended.  
  • Do not apply heat to the hair and do not immerse the doll in water.
  • In order to keep the Little Flower doll looking good, use spray water mist to dampen her hair and style using a wig brush.
  • Wiping face and limbs with warm soapy water, using a soft sponge or cloth, should clean the doll.  Spot clean cloth body (when absolutely necessary).